Financial Planning

Financial Planning can center you.  Why?  Because you finally KNOW where you stand and what you need to do.  And once you KNOW you will be able to properly plan for your future. 

Your financial information is entered into sophisticated planning software.  The result will give you a picture of where you stand now,  and a good look at different scenarios for your future.  The beauty of planning is that you can see on paper what it means to your standard of living to include travel every year,  a new car every few years,  the end of your mortgage and the affect your 401k will have on your savings plan.

The financial planning process includes a review of your current investments including the choices you have made in your company plan.  An action plan is next. We will assess the risk you are willing to take and design a portfolio to get there.  And,  we will make changes as necessary.


Beth Eldridge is an Investment Advisory Representative offering financial planning and asset management through American Portfolios Advisors, Inc.(RIA)