*Managing Your Money

Three of the more common concerns for serious investors are:

*Don't lose my money

*When markets go up, I want to participate

*When markets go down, I want to outperform

It sounds simple but to accomplish making money in the stock and bond markets there must be three solid principles:

*Mental Toughness(Discipline)

*Technique(technical analysis)

*Money Management(risk control)

Fundamental analysis quickly reaches the point of diminishing returns. So, the goal is to develop a decision making process and back it up with money management.

The key to money management is staying in the game. Never risk more than a specified amount on any single equity trade! Couple that with a strict discipline of placing limits on your losses. These two principles provide your defense.

Emotional investors want certain gains and turn down profitable possibilities that involve uncertainty. Losing investors look for a sure thing, hang on to hope and irrationally avoid accepting small losses. It is human nature to take profits quickly and postpone taking losses. Irrational behavior increases when people feel pressure.

Putting the concepts of probability, good money management and a discipline takes an impartial professional. Managing money is an emotional business and best left to those who can be objective in the midst of chaos.

Seriously consider these concepts. You may have never heard them expressed as a total investment philosophy. Combined with your personal financial goals and this approach to investing, you have a real chance of increasing your net worth.

*Financial Planning and Asset Management offered through American Portfolios Advisors, Inc. (RIA)


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